MTS was founded with the introduction of fourteen transparent , consensus based sustainable product standards when it was launched in 2000. MTS has maintained its commitment to its core competency-certifying sustainable products-while integrating other vital components of the open market into the process. Its latest achievement is organization of the MTS Capital Markets Partnership and development of the sustainable commercial and residential underwriting standards for the capital markets.
  • Green Building Industry Value Rating System completed with investment banks and transmitted by Citi to S&P recommending that green buildings be commercialized
  • Meeting with S&P initiated Investor Survey 
  • Completed legal opinion that capital markets must accurately reflect climate credit risk
  • SMaRT Building Product Standard approved covering 80% of all products (excludes planes & vehicles)
  • Whole System Integrative Design Standard for Buildings & Communities approved as ANSI Standard
  • Sustainable Products Standards Evaluation Criteria Developed
  • LCA & Sustainable Products Standards Education Launched, & 200 Educators certified & 10 Train the Trainers
  • Certified Sustainable Products Marketing Sheet Developed
  • SMaRT adopted for LEED credit
  • SMaRT Education Partnership Launched
  • SMaRT approved as US Green Building Council Education Provider Program
  • Consumer education program launched.
  • Sustainable Furniture Council Adopts SMaRT
  • Sustainable Investment Standards 2.0© approved by investment banks
  • Capital Markets Partnership Launched by California Treasurer Bill Lockyer & Bank of America Investor Survey 2.0 completed
  • Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. adopts SMaRT for underwriting manufacturer insurance
  • Creating Economic Stimulus & Stopping Climate Credit Risk©  Report completed Capital Markets Partnership peer review & published
  • Published Sustainable Investment Market Brief©
  • Sustainable Products Blog Launched
  • City of Santa Monica adopts SMaRT Purchasing Program
  • Green Building Underwriting Standards launched at JPMorgan Chase in NYC
  • US Conference of Mayors adopts Resolution supporting Capital Markets Partnership's Sustainable Investment Initiative
  • Investor Survey 3.0 completed covering over $1 trillion in investment
    Capital Markets Briefing Paper completed for top management documenting Wall Street due diligence that green buildings are more valuable than conventional
  • Unanimously Approved National Consensus Green Building Underwriting Standards
  • Completed for Top Management -  Capital Markets Briefing Paper:  Sustainable Investment Business Case